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Earthwise: Environmental Crafts and Activities

Earthwise: Environmental Crafts and Activities

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Earthwise is full of practical ideas for nature crafts and seasonal activities to encourage young children to be aware of their environment. The activities are carefully written and beautifully illustrated, and will encourage children to develop a respect for nature, the earth and all living creatures. Children will learn about their dependence on the earth's produce (by taking stalks of wheat and turning them into bread-flour); how to create and not just consume (by making their own gifts); how to make butter and grow food (even in the city); and how to make outdoor playhouses from natural materials. The book also contains seasonal suggestions for making a more Earth-friendly home and classroom, and a comprehensive list of resources and suppliers.

Age 3-9 years. 

Paperback (245.00mm X 190.00mm) 160 pages

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