Tell me, and I will forget.

Show me, and I may remember.

Involve me, and I will understand.

This Chinese proverb encapsulates the philosophy of Matador.

Matador is a construction set with wooden blocks that can be connected via pins.  The idea was generated over 100 years ago when a father watched his children getting frustrated while playing with wooden blocks; any complex structure they tried to build simply collapsed.  Being an engineer, he designed a toy woodenconstruction set made of blocks that could be connected with wooden pins.  The idea took off and has now delighted many generations of children.  The possibilities are limitless and while each set comes with its own building instructions, Matador will also encourage your child to put together their own ideas. Active involvement is the educational key, while developing fine motor skills, 3-dimensional imagination, concentration and understanding of technical concepts. Our 21st century society is driven by technology and too many of our toys are made from computer chips and plastic.  What we really want is for our children to grow up naturally, to use their hands, and to physically put things together, not just shift pixels around on a computer screen.  There is no better way to acheive this than by encouraging them to play with wooden blocks.  And Matador puts this wooden material into their hands, helping them stay in contact with the real world.  Children can build, look at their construction from all angles, see if it works, correct and try to improve. Finally, there is the joy and satisfaction of having created something real from a blue print or imagination. Watch as your child builds a better them.