Write to Me

Write To Me is a Melbourne based design and print studio by talented sisters Anna and Nicoletta.

With their range of beautiful letterpress cards, pregnancy and baby journals, bakers and crafters twine, calendars, lists and planners, the most beautiful of life's moments are made perfect and the more mundane elevated to special.

With their backgrounds as an Art Director and Account Manager, Anna and Nicoletta have finally brought both their exceptional skills and dreams to collaborate together to create Write To Me.  The partnership was established in 2009 after being inspired by an old printing book and having never receiving love letters in the mail - only bills.

"We were passionate about using old organic forms of printing, and started by using handmade stamps until we finally found our first press - a beautiful Chandler & Price from the late 1800's.  This was then followed by our Heidelberg Windmill".

With a strong belief in locally created paper products, it is important to Anna and Nicoletta to support local industries through their materials and provide people with high quality products.  They use recycled stocks to reduce their carbon foot print and also love the texture and visual aesthetics it brings to their stationery ranges. 

Like Hugs for Kids, Write to Me sees the beauty in doing things the traditional way.  We all understand that the direction of society is to move towards a paperless world but we are saddened that more people don't write to each other.

Be different.