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Family Games

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Whether breaking out a quick game before bedtime or a pre-set weekly session, family game nights can become a household tradition that even cousins and in-laws can get in on.

If game nights are a hit, they can become a relatively inexpensive way for you to relax and unwind without even leaving the house. You can even have some grown ups only sessions to explore games that kids aren't yet ready to play.

Board games help to teach a wide range of skills applicable to all ages. They teach simple things like learning how to take turns and having the fine motor skills to pick up and roll dice. They also teach help to abstract concepts like probability, long-term planning, and teamwork.

And apart from neatly defined abilities, games also help ground abstract emotional concepts like fair play, how to deal with being attacked, and understanding the difference between a friendly competition and the real world. They help us learn how to lose gracefully and, more importantly, how to win with grace.

So get gaming!