How to Buy the Perfect Baby Gift

How to Buy the Perfect Baby Gift

Buying presents for a baby shower or new baby can be daunting – especially if you have no idea what babies need - or even if you do.
Don’t stress! This guide is for anyone who’s not quite sure what present to buy soon-to-be parents, new mums and new bubs.

The ‘must-have’
If you’re already a parent you can buy the mum-to-be something that you found invaluable/essential when your littles were tiny. Save the new parents a whole lot of trial and error. 

The ‘from all of us’
This is perfect for work colleagues and/or those who haven’t had much experience buying for babies – pool your money for a big-ticket item you know the parents want/need. Even better a beautiful gift box or hamper filled with essentials and treasures. 
TIP: You can make the hamper/vessel itself useful e.g. nappy bucket, baby bath or Baby bag.

The ‘Mum Spa’ 
This idea is great if the mum-to-be isn’t a first-time mum – chances are she has already got most of what she needs. Or if she’s not that interested in a present-giving extravaganza! How about a beautiful bath soak, essential oils or soothing n!pple cream? Put together a bundle or, make it easy, and go for a pampering gift box.

The ‘inexpensive expensive present’
You don’t have to blow the budget to give a nice gift. Consider something that isn’t expensive in itself BUT is a little more expensive for what is it. A gift that a new parents might not get themselves. E.g. designer muslin cloths, fancy teethers, or beautiful soft toy.

The ‘bubba basics’
If you like to buy practical gifts then you can’t go past muslins, singlets, bodysuits, socks etc. Try to buy in larger sizes (think 000-0, see our size guide below) so the new parents aren’t overwhelmed with teeny clothing that will only last a few weeks. Nappies are a handy gift but be sure to check in with prospective parents before you commit them to cloth or disposable with your “thoughtful gesture”.

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Create Your Own New Baby Gift Bundle

If you’d rather make your own ‘style choices’ or make it a little more personal by selecting things yourself, here’s our winning formula for creating the perfect New Baby gift hamper.

1. Clothing - Rompers, singlets, socks, beanies and booties are the go to. Little dresses and outfits are very sweet – but not always practical for a brand new baby. Consider buying a larger size so new parents are not inundated with teeny 0000 clothing that only lasts a few weeks. Scroll down to see size chart.

TIP: Long or short sleeve romper? As suggested, unless you know bubs is teeny tiny, try to buy a larger size. E.g. I'd like to buy a romper that will fit when bubs is 3-6mths. They’ll be heading into winter then. Therefore, 00 long sleeve romper would suit – a matching beanie would be cute too ☺

2. Something for Baby - A comforter, rattle or teething toy. A little bedtime baby book, or a beautiful keepsake like a music box.

3. A Practical Luxury - All natural soothing cream, designer muslin, baby shampoo or massage oil, beautiful brush and comb set.

4. Just For Mum - Bath soak, all natural n!pple cream, essential oil, designer teething necklace, merino socks.

When all else fails, there is always the gift card – a Hugs for Kids Gift Cards, massage, cleaning service or UBER eats are all winners.

**Don't forget the card!! Hugs for Kids a selection of Baby Cards and we’ve put together a list of Baby Card Messages if you're suffering from writers block - Check it out HERE 

ROMPER Size Age (months)
00000 Premmie
0000 Newborn
000 0-3
00 3-6
0 6-12
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