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Red Bobble

When Lousie from Red Bobble was a young girl, she had hair of gold that ran all the way down her back.  It shimmered and glittered in the sun and swayed in the breeze.  All that saw her incredible locks would wonder in delight at how such magnificent hair could exist...

Well that's what she likes to think.

In reality, it wasn't quite like that.  Not entirely.  But she did have really long brown hair, brown and it did run all the way down her back and people really did comment on just how long it was.

But Louise loathed it.  She resented the brushing, the endless, endless brushing of knots and tangles.  But when you're little, mum is the boss and she wouldn't let Louise cut her hair until she turned sixteen.  So to sweeten the long hair deal, her mum would buy lots of gorgeous hair accessories for her pony tail and plait ends.

And her favourites were a pair of delicious red bobbles. 

And that is how Red Bobble was born.  When Louise had girls of her own, she couldn't find a red bobble in any store, so in 2010 with baby 3 on the way, the research began to source bobbles that she could make herself.

We all love thinking back to the simple joys of our youth and finding things that spark old memories brings comfort, a smile and sometimes a story.  Like how when you played with your bobbles in your hand and it flicked your knuckles, it really hurt.  Or maybe a less painful one...

Give your kids a memory to treasure.