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Our Story

Do you remember when life was perfect?

When the sun shone every day and the air was always fresh? When a fistful of dirt made you rich all day?

We do.

We remember clothes that were styled for children, rooms that were sanctuaries of imagination and toys that were played with, not watched.

At Hugs for Kids, we have a dream.

A dream to let kids be kids. A dream to let the beauty of life shine.

A dream to give our kids a childhood.



So we decided to bring our dream to life.

Hugs for Kids has been created for a single purpose: to bring the art, wonder and love back into the often too commercial world of children's toys, clothes and accessories.

Our own kids use the products we stock so do we care about what we put on the shelves? You better believe it.

If it's not good enough for our kids, it's not good enough for yours.

And if we stock it, it's had some pretty tough real-world testing. Usually all over our lounge-room.

That's why we're so selective about which brands we stock. We're not cool, we're not hip - we're real.



Hugs for Kids came from less than altruistic beginnings.

To be honest, we were simply sick of having to cart our kids on a two-hour "adventure" every time we had to buy for them or their friends. But there was nowhere local to shop for kids products. And even then, the nearest shops only stocked typical high-volume, commercial "stuff". Stuff we didn't want.

We wanted more. More for us. More for our kids.

So in early 2012 we rented a shop, found some suppliers we loved, bought some good "stuff", did some renos and opened up. Easy, huh?

Ok, so it might have been a bit harder than that, but sooner than we thought, we had something we were truly proud of.  Something that defined what we believed in. Something that was us.

Humble beginnings.

And then in mid-2017, we finally opened our second store to bring our unique style to even more families. You'd think it would have been easier than the first but...

And that was just the start.



Bek is the brains.

What you see at Hugs for Kids is her vision and style come to life. Her ability to know what customers want combined with her corporate experience in operations (or "making things happen") are the perfect ingredients for our success. She's also a great leader who's not ever bossy at all...

Adam is the brawn.

He lifts heavy boxes, drills holes, builds stuff and occasionally breaks things. He's colour-blind too which puts choosing products well above his pay-grade but his experience in management, business improvement, analysis and service have had their uses at times. And if the website is ever broken, blame him.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are our muses.

Without them, Hugs for Kids would never have happened. They were the tiny seeds from which this family tree has grown. They are our reason for being. They inspire us every day. Everything we do is for them.

We just wish they wouldn't run around the store like the own the joint...



Hugs for Kids opened it's first store in 2012.

Located in Belgrave, Victoria, the shop was a specialist children's boutique designed to bring together the best kids products on offer and present them in a single, accessible space.

Belgrave is the gateway to Melbourne's Hills; a thriving, diverse community of wonderful people all sharing a preference for the unique, beautiful and wonderful. It was simply the perfect place to begin.

We then opened our second store in 2017.

Located in Beaconsfield, Victoria, this Hugs was a fairly close replica of Belgrave because why change a winning formula. It too was beautiful, wondrous and inviting.

Beaconsfield is a booming area; full of young families who know the importance of having the very best for their children as they develop. And being within 30 minutes of the Belgrave store (and home), it seemed a natural progression that allowed us to grow while maintaining the same experience, oversight and hands-on service that makes us who we are.

The stores themselves were an Aladdin's Cave. They were vibrant, living entities; always changing, always evolving. Places of love, wonder, excitement and imagination.



Soon after opening that first "bricks & mortar" store we saw an opportunity to spread the message we believed so deeply and so, being gluttons for punishment, we built a website as well.

And so it came to be that Hugs for Kids expanded to cover the entire country with it's beautiful and accessible state-of-the-art e-commerce site showcasing the best products available in the store and delivering them direct to our customers.

Those stores we the main Hugs for Kids base of operations until My 2021, when we finally closed their doors to say hello to a world of new opportunities in the online space.

But we're still here and so are our team and every web order is picked and packed by our family and original shop staff so you can rest assured that your dealings at www.hugsforkids.com.au are backed by a secure and stable real business.

It also means that you are not just a web order or a faceless number, you are a customer.

Our customer.

And that makes you family too.