Roarsome fun with Magna-tiles Dino World XL!

Roarsome fun with Magna-tiles Dino World XL!

A sunny day and a box of Magna-tiles Dino World XL... there were many adventures and exploration to be had! Playing in the garden with these dinosaurs offered so many opportunities for play, logs to manoeuvre, leaves to crunch through and trees to nibble on (and hide behind).

The beautifully printed tropical tiles were great to play with outside in the sunshine too, as the patterns and colours shone through.

The movements afforded by the dinosaurs gave further opportunities for play – tail swishes, flapping wings, and wide-opening jaws opened up so many new ideas and stories.

Another idea to extend play with older children is to create an animation. We were excited to try this out, and although we just made a simple animation to show off our favourite dino friends, there are so many possibilities – a favourite story could be recreated with dinosaurs, or a script could be written and acted out by the dinosaur stars, they could even sing and dance to their favourite song (presumably an old classic by T. Rex)!

VIew our favourite dinosaurs starring in their very own stop-motion animation... enjoy and be inspired! We’d love to see what your Magna-tile dino’s get up to!

We played with the Magna-tiles Dino World 50 piece XL set, which includes six dinosaurs and tropical themed extra large tiles. Other sets we stock are the Magna-tiles Dino World 40 piece set, which includes four dinosaurs and volcanic themed pieces, and lastly the 5 piece Dino’s set, containing, you’ve guessed it, FIVE dinosaurs, which is a perfect expansion for an existing set like the Magna-tiles 32 piece clear colours set or Magna-tiles 100 piece clear colours set, a perfect gift pairing with the 16 piece Ice, 16 piece Glow or 15 piece Stardust Magna-tiles set, or even as an extension to a Magna-tiles Dino World sets, as the dinosaur colours are unique to each set, meaning no doubling up!

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