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7 Low-Cost Household Safety Hacks

Safety. As a parent, it is a thought, an idea and a religion that is always at the forefront of your mind. We watch like hawks and we worry incessantly. If only there were some ways to take the load off our mind...



1. Avoid slamming door injuries

It's amazing what pool noodles can do.


2. Be afraid of table corners no more

Why is it that toddlers always walk backwards toward the table then turn at the last minute so nail their head right on the corner. Finally a use for tennis balls that doesn't exhaust me.


3. Keep cabinets closed

Who needs expensive gadgets when a good quality rubber band will do the same thing?


4. Protect crawlers from sore knees

Now you can put those annoying socks without partners to good use by cutting off the foot and making baby knee pads!


5. This isn't shocking

With so many devices in our homes now, we have lots of powerboards. Make them safe by cutting a hole in the side of a plastic tub. Seeing them so neat also calms my OCD.


6. This is not just clever - it's important

Pack all the cleaning supplies under the sink into plastic tubs with lock lids. You can do this with medicines and other poisonous stuff in the bathroom.


7. Keep your kids contact info "handy"...

Make a bracelet with your contact number on it.


There you have it.

Try these hacks at home and keep those little ones safe, sound, and happy.

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