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2020s Best Christmas Gifts for 8+ Year Olds!


Older kids start to get a bit difficult to buy for, they aren't as engaged in toys and want something to keep them occupied and interested for far longer periods of time.  They are starting to love reading and can enjoy being more insular.  finally they can play by themselves and don't need Mum and Dads help for everything!

But what do they like?

We have big kids and we have scoured the globe for the very best things for kids and that is all we stock, we have searched for products that are interesting and will hold the kids attention without screen time. 

Here at Hugs HQ, we have looked at the data, watched the kids faces as they played with every new arrival and listened to our customers feedback to bring you the best of the best gifts for 8+ year olds this Christmas.


Click below to see our most popular pressies for this year!

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