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UGears - Colour-your-own Model - Locomotive

UGears - Colour-your-own Model - Locomotive

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For the child in your world that loves transportation and technology, this sweet train plywood wood model is a great kit for a special gift. Customized by crayons, paint or markers, this is a dream project for the young artist that wants something to make their own.

Colour as you like: acrylic, gouache, watercolour, markers - you can use whatever you have. You can colour the model by doing it yourself, with friends or the whole family. Delicate contour lines on wooden parts show the main contours of the locomotive and the trailer to make it easy to paint.

Cognitive and developing: like a real locomotive, the model has a driver's cab, a body with a motor on the frame with three-wheel pairs. The locomotive is linked to the car, in which there are two coupes for travellers. Assembles easily and is fun to play with.

Develops engineering skills, spatial thinking and fine motor skills. Captures the imagination of children for a long time.

Assembles easily: all parts are pre-cut and can be easily removed from the board. The model assembles like a puzzle without glue and special tools by following an illustrated colour manual. While children are collecting some blocks, the adults can suggest their help: the joining parts are cut off precisely for the slots and the assembly, you only need to insert the component pins, pressing them with your fingers. But if the fingers are too small, they may need some help.

Recommended for Ages 5+

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