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Merino Socks - Monty

Size: 3-9M

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Sick of buying socks for her daughters that either wouldn't stay up or were too short, Lamington's Sarah Teensma, made it her mission to create a knee high sock for kids that was snuggly warm, colourful and difficult for even the most determined baby to pull off.

Lamington socks do all that and more.

Cosy, comfy, cute and considerably better at staying up and staying on, Lamington socks are a range of New Zealand-made knee high merino socks that keep the feet and legs of babies and kids nice and warm.

The 80% merino wool and lycra mix stays up longer and the fine knit makes them the perfect all-round choice for inside normal shoes, gumboots, and even ski-boots.

Made to stand out from the crowd, the Lamington range consists of several eye-catching designs that are both stylish and fun, and sizes range from newborn up to age six.

The high quality design combines style and function with clever features only a mum would think of, such as knitting sizes into each sock to help take the confusion out of sock sorting.

We've tried and tested them and our kids won't wear their old socks anymore.