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Choosing The Best School Shoes For Your Child

Getting into a great head space for school actually starts all the way down at the toes. A typical school day consists of almost every activity imaginable, from walking to jumping, to climbing, to sports, to standing for long period to just plain sitting.

So the perfect shoe needs to not only meet your school’s dress code, but do it with energy, style and practicality - giving your child’s mind the room to do what it was made for: learn.

Bearing all that in mind, what then do we need to look for in a school shoe and what makes PLAE Shoes so suitable?




For a comprehensive guide on getting the right size, check out our article on 3 Steps To The Right Size Shoe For Your Child.

When it comes to PLAE Shoes specifically however, no other kids shoe has a removable tab feature. PLAE tabs come in four different lengths to ensure the correct fit regardless of foot shape - use a shorter strap for a narrow foot, or a longer strap for a high instep, wide foot, or orthotic insert.




There is nothing more important in a school shoe than comfort. Long hours sitting at desks can decrease circulation and stiffen joints. You really want at least some of the blood to get up to your brain so don’t let achy or stiff feet get in the way!

Did you know that some well-known and classic school shoes can weight up half a kilo? That’s a lot of weight on the end of a child’s foot. PLAE Shoes are lightweight and flexible – they are soft and supple which allows more a greater range of movement (which is pretty important given some of the positions I’ve seen our kids sit in) and are breathable ensuring no distressingly soppy socks during the summer months.




Stability in the foot can give kids more than a quick step getting from class to class. A stable stance is the foundation of excellent posture, which is vital for a lifetime of overall health in all parts of the body.

PLAE Shoes are built with kids biomechanics in mind. They’re designed with rounded edges and flexible soles for smoother and more balanced movement. They have reflexive traction which grips on loose earth without compromising contact on hard surfaces.




No matter what age, kids are famously tough on their shoes. Whether it’s the growth spurts, the unplanned excursions into muddy playgrounds, or just the normal scuffing from roaming the halls, kicking a ball or climbing the trees, school shoes take a lot of abuse. That’s why you want maximum durability from the start.

Our kids have been wearing PLAE Shoes for three years now, and not a single pair has worn out, not even the pair that Thing 1 wore all year as his only shoes - both at school and after.




Let’s be honest. When it comes to real school life, the number one thing you’re looking for in a shoe is style. And that is where PLAE really outstrips the rest of the pack. If you have a relaxed dress code, then every child will find a style and colour that suits their unique personality and if Black is required then the Roan, Emme and Max make a more typical school shoe look really good.




If your child wears orthotics, then you know that a removable insole is important. Unfortunately, most kids shoes are not made to accommodate AFOs (ankle foot orthotics). PLAE shoes are different, here’s why…

  • No other kids shoe has a removable tab feature. PLAE tabs come in 4 lengths: use a shorter strap for a narrow foot, or a longer strap for a high instep, wide foot, or AFO.

  • Most non-AFO shoes don’t open up wide enough for orthotics. PLAE tongues are designed to open up completely and their insoles are removable, making for easy in and out!

  • Most shoes made for AFOs aren’t, shall we say – easy on the eyes? Let’s face it, every kid wants to be stylish and PLAE shoes let them do just that!


So there you have it. While school shoes are another necessary expense, bear in mind that buying better quality shoes will actually save you money in the long run as they won't wear down so easily and need to be replaced during the school year. The Hugs Crew has been wearing PLAE for a long time and they get the double thumbs up!

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