An afternoon of rainbows and Magna-tiles!

An afternoon of rainbows and Magna-tiles!

Magna-tiles are one of our favourite go-to toys, they offer limitless open-ended play. A simple idea can grow and multiply and lead you off in a whole new direction.

The light streaming through the window today was glorious, so we played with our Magna-tiles in front of the window, letting the light shine through the pieces and make the floor come with colour!

We used two sets today, the 100 Piece Clear Colours Magna-Tiles, as well as the Metropolis 110pc Magna-Tiles Set.

We started off, inspired by the Metropolis box, to build our own little rainbow city against the window, and the rainbow reflection on the floor was just magical!

Next up we tried building a little rainbow, we made it extra high so we could raise it up to let the light shine through, this is a really cute and simple construction could then be incorporated into other play scenes, perhaps with little rainbow people or as part of a cute woodland scene for small world play.

After this we returned to the city idea, and built some 3D city towers, and added some fun features of the Metropolis set – windows, doors and stairs. Again, the colour reflections on the floor were just phenomenal, and great fun to explore.

Next up we tried making a domino tumble with Magna-tiles, we sticked with our rainbow theme and laid out two runs. After a few accidental knocks, and re-setting up, we were ready to whirl! This was great fun, and really quick and easy to set up.

Our last idea was to make a ball run, we tried out a few different ideas, but this one ended up our favourite, a kind of upside-down rainbow, and we added the triangle edging to ensure the balls stayed in place.

Hope this has inspired you to grab a box of Magna-tiles and spend an afternoon exploring!

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