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5 Outdoor Ideas For The School Holidays

Previously we talked about how to keep the kids occupied indoors while on holidays. But sometimes, you just NEED to send them outside, don't you.



So here's some ideas for outdoor fun when you just need a bit of a break.



Kids love digging. They love dirt. They love mess. But they're also facinated with flowers, plants and life. So mix it all up and let them garden. We have a bunch of kid-size tools that have made it so much easier for the kids to help and manage their own gardens. Try them!

Check out our tools >>



Every kids loves to ride and after 2 kids using the one Wishbone bike over 6 years, we know they're the best learning tool on the market. So get them outside learning new skills, fostering independence and enjoying the wind in their hair!

See the Wishbone range >>


Circus Skills

There is nothing more satisfying than mastering a new skill and if kids stick with the practice, their brains and bodies learn in record time. So how about giving them a challenge 

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As adults, we look at the big picture too much. But not kids. They see the details. We see a flower, they see the pollen. We see a lawn, they see the bug colonies. We see a tree, they see the texture of the bark. So encourage this with our range of outdoor exploration tools and let them love nature fully.

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One of our favourite outdoor games is Boules, the French version of Bocce. The main difference between them is the balls used. It's a fun game, where everyone gets to take turns and good and bad shots alike garner fun responses. It's not difficult and the rules can be easily adapted for all ages. Great fun!

Bowl them over >>


So relax, enjoy your time out and don't worry about what's happening out there!

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