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28 Easy Holiday Activities For Older Kids

Over the years, I've discovered that little kids are pretty easy to entertain during the holidays but the older they get, the harder it is.

So I've looked around the shop and here are my Top 28 picks for keeping the older kids entertained without screens these holidays.


  1. Do Magic
  2. Make Balloon Animals
  3. Make Your Own Jewellery
  4. Learn To Draw
  5. Rule Your Room
  6. Draw In 3D
  7. Play Classic Games
  8. Have Fun With Trivia
  9. Remember Spiral Art?
  10. Turn Your Dining Table Into A Table Tennis Table
  11. Perfect Hula Hooping
  12. Jenga!
  13. Press Flowers
  14. Get Crazy With Face Paint
  15. Shrinkies!
  16. Make You Own Bangles
  17. Grow A Cherry Blossom Tree
  18. Draw Electronic Circuits
  19. Build Your Very Own R2D2
  20. Code With Strawbees
  21. Learn How To Play Cards
  22. Play Jacks
  23. Create With FIMO
  24. Master The Yo-Yo
  25. Get Through A Games Compendium
  26. Beat These Crazy Rubiks Cubes
  27. Did You Say, "Non-Electric Pinball"?
  28. Celebrate The World Cup With Flip Kick


What more could they want?

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