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Why This One Toy Should Be On Everyone's List

I am going to make a bold statement...every kid should own Magna-Tiles!

In all my years working in the world of children's toys, I have never seen anything come close to these incredible tiles for education, entertainment, skill-building, problem-solving and imagination stretching.

Oh, and more fun than a really fun thing from the Funtown Funporium on Fun Street.

Kids just become obsessed with them.



Let's explore why...




Well, basically they're just plastic shapes with magnets in them. Sounds a bit simple? Perhaps. But it's that very simplicity combined with a little genius that makes them so special.

Magna-Tiles were invented in 1992 to teach children about shapes, maths and engineering through play. Each tile has magnets along it's edges but the real secret is their unique ability to attract even when the tiles are flipped. No repelling - they always connect!

It is this ability to attract on all sides that allows the user to construct cubes, pyramids, geometric shapes, towers and more - leading from two-dimensional objects to advanced 3-D creations. You can even make a ball!



Pretty cool, huh?




Because Magna-Tiles don't tell them what to do.

There are no rules, no instructions and to date, no limits. Some construction toys on the market require effort to construct. And effort takes time. And time requires focus.

These are three things that many kids just don't have.

The beauty of Magna-Tiles is that whatever creation is in your child's head comes to life in their hands almost immediately. And so their imagination doesn't have to slow down or let go of new ideas - they all get a turn!


Castles, flowers, carriages, doll houses, towers, bridges, temples, boats, garages, cars, robots, spaceships, chairs, super hero forts and more - we have seen it all!

And Magna-Tiles lend themselves to expanding the play of other toys...soldiers protect their forts, teddies play in their house, spacemen fly their rockets and cars are garaged.

Even dragons guard their treasure...



 That's Freddy...he loves guarding his castle...





Sized just right and easy to use, Magna-Tiles help develop all of the following:


✔ Fine motor skills ✔ Building principles ✔ Shapes & Colours
✔ Creative thinking ✔ Magnetic properties ✔ Cause & Effect
✔ Right-side brain training ✔ Sorting & Stacking ✔ Problem solving
✔ Spatial relationships ✔ 2D & 3D awareness ✔ Symmetry & Asymmetry
✔ Pattern recognition ✔ Logical thinking ✔ Maths reasoning


But all the kids know is that they're having fun!



Over the years we have had Magna-Tiles in our home, our kids have grown from 2 to 7 and 5 to 9 - pretty full-on development years - and we have literally been able to watch that development through their use of Magna-Tiles.

It has been an incredible privilege.





Ok, so you want me to be more specific...let me count the ways...


  1. They are universally loved by boys and girls.

  2. They are perfect for multiple child families.

  3. They engage all ages - from 3 to...well over 40...

  4. Siblings can play either alone or together.

  5. They are durable - I've not seen a broken one yet.

  6. They have amazing longevity as children discover new ways to use them as they grow.

  7. There is an amazing worldwide community of Magna-Tects to find inspiration from

  8. You'd be amazed at what you can do with Magna-Tiles and a whiteboard marker...

  9. They are easy to clean up because they all stick together!

  10. They are flexible. This is where Magna-Tiles really stand out from so many other toys - they cater to everyone - different size sets, different colours and different styles - yet they all work together seamlesly. Just take a look at the range below...and Hugs for Kids stock them all!


100 Piece Clear Colours Set

28 Piece House Set

48dx Piece Clear Colours Set

40 Piece Freestyle Set

16 Piece Glow Set

32 Piece Clear Colours Set

32 Piece Ice Set

32 Piece Black Set

Cars Expansion Pack

Polygons Expansion Pack

Rectangle Expansion Pack

Imagination Book

29 Piece QBix Set

19 Piece QBix Set


But most importantly, Magna-Tiles are one gift that are GUARANTEED to be loved. Even if a child already has some because you can NEVER have too many,




Anyone who knows us, knows that we won't sell you anything our kids haven't used because our kids safety is everything. Magna-Tiles are trusted and enjoyed in classrooms, homes, and daycare centres all around the world and the makers are very proud of their safety record.

In all the years they have been on the market, Magna-Tiles have not had one single safety incident or recall and they have proven their durability through heavy daily usage at numerous child-care centers and schools around the world.

All Magna-Tiles are EN71, ASTM and CPSIA Approved and do not contain any BPA, phthalates, PVC, latex or toxic materials.




To say that we love Magna-Tiles at Hugs for Kids is an understatement. They have improved both our kids fine motor and building skills. They've taught them to share and play together. They have taught Mr 7 about geometry, pattern recognition, logic, engineering and maths and they have taught Miss 4 about shapes, patterns, building and cause and effect.

Now as you could imagine, our kids are a little spoiled when it comes to toys, but over the past two years, the Magna-Tiles have been the only toy that the kids have played with every single day. They have never been put away and yet I still know that they have many more years of play ahead of them!

We can’t recommend them more.




We believe in Magna-Tiles so much that we stock the entire range right here in our Australian store. And that means yours are not ordered from the U.S.A with all the associated shipping costs, currency conversion fees and exorbitant wait times.


Magna-Tiles...Where Maths, Science and Creativity Meet!


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