Support a small family business

The Families of Hugs

When you buy from Hugs for Kids, you aren’t just getting great products for your family, you are supporting all of these families.

We are so grateful that even though the store has been closed for over 6 months with thanks to Covid-19, we have not had to put anyone off, we have all stayed working, it's looked different, been different but we have evolved and done our very best to give our wonderful Customers, the incredible service they have become accustomed to over the past 8 years.

Please remember us in the lead up to Christmas, and see what we have before you hit to department stores, remember the families that you will change and the happy dances we will be doing when your order comes through our website!

Yours support makes all the hard work worth it, not to mention your kids are going to be over the moon with the amazing gifts that we have found for you!!

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