The 10 Best Gifts for Mums

Mums deserve gifts too.

But between us, they sometimes want more than just flowers and chocolates.

And if it has to be a practical gift - maybe one that creates less work rather than more.

The best thing about Hugs for Kids is that we have already scoured the globe for the very best things for mums and that is all we stock. But we admit that there's still quite a bit of here's the top 10 surefire winners.


Pacapod Nappy Bags (from $159.00)

Welcome to the award-winning PacaPod 3 in 1 baby organising system. PacaPod is the only baby changing bag on the market with the clever 3 in 1 organisation system; it clips onto your pram, works as a designer baby bag, cool bag, mini changing bag and changing mat all rolled into one. No more searching in vain through a disorganised bag - no matter where you wander, everything’s in place.

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Pram Pegs (from $8.95)

Pram Pegs are a great way to keep muslins and blankets attached to your pram while out and about. There is nothing worse when trying to get your little one to sleep in the pram (or simply trying to protect them from the sun), than the muslin or blanket repeatedly falling off due to wind. Simple genius that will change your life!

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Ergo Baby Carriers (from $165.00)

From the moment your baby is born, there is nothing you will enjoy more than holding them close. Babies love to hear the sound of your heartbeat and feel your warmth. The award-winning Ergobaby is designed to hold and cradle your baby just the way you do, with your baby’s legs well supported in a natural sitting position. Praised by parents and professionals worldwide, with the range of carriers receiving a multitude of international awards, 5-star reviews and celebrity followers, the Ergobaby carrier is as comfortable for you as it is for your baby. From birth to toddler, Ergobaby is the only carrier you’ll ever need.

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Little Mashies Food Pouches (from $9.95)

The concept for Little Mashies is for parents to be able to cook healthy meals and feed them to their kids in a handy on-the-go pouch that the kids will actually want to eat from!  You can fill Little Mashies reusable food pouches with anything that is the consistency of a thick shake including fruit and vege puree, yoghurt, custard, smoothies, or pureed dinner meals for easy feeding with less mess and no fuss! The wide ziplock along the bottom of the pouch makes it really easy to both fill and wash.

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Replay Recycled Dinnerware (from $14.00)

Smart parents are more concerned than ever about what babies eat and this includes what they eat from. The Re-Play Recycled brand gives you the peace of mind you're looking for. Re-Play offers you and your child a sophisticated and engaging look while reflecting a back-to-basics, eco-conscious style. Their range of children's dinnerware is made from 100% recycled milk jugs. That's right, super tough divided plates, tip-proof bowls, spill-proof cups and easy-to-use spoons and forks made entirely from recylcled materials. And in a range of bright, engaging colours. The choice is easy.

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Feeding Cookies ($16.50)

These little cookies are packed full of love. They contain a unique selection of natural herbs and wholesome ingredients that may support devoted, breast feeding mums. They also have the added bonus of both Fenugreek and Fennel. Delicious and nourishing, these Totally Devoted Feeding Cookies have a benefit in every bite.

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Gift Set for Mum ($29.95)

Treat your mum, a new mum or the mother of your kids to a little bit of luxury with this gorgeous gift pack. Our Coconut Adult & Baby Body Wash and Coconut Hand and Body Butter are made from natural and certified organic ingredients – these gorgeous products feel fantastic, smell like heaven and are completely safe, natural and nourishing for all skin types.

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Belly Cast ($55.00)

This kit is so easy to use, 100% safe and includes everything you’ll need to create a fabulous, successful and fuss free belly cast, a fun life-lasting experience for every mum to be. Beautifully boxed and presented, they are the ideal gift for any mum-to-be.

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Inkless Print ($24.95)

Taking your little one’s foot prints has never been this easy! No ink or paint, mess or fuss – just perfect prints of your baby in seconds. Must have for the hospital bag and a great gift for new parents. Your baby’s detailed prints are created by simply wiping over baby’s foot or hand with the non-toxic inkless wipe and gently pressing onto the magic paper. Within seconds the print magically appears while your baby’s foot stays clean and dry. Truly Amazing!

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Love to Dream Swaddles (from $39.95)

Love To Dream Swaddles are the only zip-up swaddles that allows your baby to sleep in the more natural arms up position. This is your baby’s natural sleep position that allows access to their hands for self-soothing. Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better and for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. So self-soothing equals more sleep for the whole family. And the Swaddle UP series requires no complicated wrapping, so everyone can swaddle right every time. Even Dad.

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Finding gifts can be stressful at the best of times so we hope that you found this list helpful. Hugs for Kids has a LOT of amazing products but these are the ones that prove to be winners for mums time and time again.


Please Note: Prices are correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change without notice. Please check the individual product pages for current pricing. While all products were in stock at the time of publication, we cannot guarantee that stock will remain available at all times.

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