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Magnetic Fun and Games

I love Magna-tiles! They are a great toy for kids and adults alike. The only problem with them is that once you start playing with them, it's hard to stop!

Magna-tiles are super fun and addictive, they come with one guarantee that every kid will love them and a very serious warning; if you get them for your kids, you will also play with them.

Magna-tiles are a great investment. They are fun and addictive, kids will love them and you will too. This is a perfect toy for children of all ages, from preschoolers to adults.

Magna-tiles are great because they can be used by all members of the family! Kids have a blast creating their own designs with these magnetic tiles while parents can get in on the fun by helping their little ones learn more about shapes, colours and numbers through playtime activities based around these versatile building blocks.

This is one toy that will last for years!

It's very simple to create with Magnatiles you can make any three-dimensional structure that can be thought of (once we made a pretty realistic Easter egg - so anything is possible) or two-dimensional mosaics. Young children spend hours laying out the colours in patterns or stacking them up.

Magnatiles are a great way to encourage your child’s natural creativity and imagination. They have no rules or instructions, so they can be used in many different ways. In fact, the only limit is your imagination!

We have found that Magnatiles help children develop their thinking skills as well as their creativity and problem solving abilities. We think this is because using this toy requires them to take into account things like balance and gravity when building whatever it is they want to make.

The magnets themselves really hold everything together too – literally! You can use them on the floor or table but if you want something more permanent then you could even glue pieces down onto cardboard or foam board. Alternatively you could use them on the fridge which makes building structures with them more fun than ever before!

Most structures are derived from squares and triangles, it's a great way for the kids to learn about geometry! 

You can build anything you can imagine with Magna-Tiles®. They are fun and addictive, whether you're playing alone or with friends and family. You can make mosaics, cities, landscapes and more! The sky's the limit as you create realistic or surreal landscapes in a variety of themes such as arctic wildlife, jungle or safari animals and metropolis building sets. With loads of magnetic shapes to choose from there are endless possibilities for creating masterpieces out of this magnetic construction toy set.

Magnatiles are the chosen brand for most kinders and day care centres.

Magnatiles are fairly sturdy and are the chosen brand for most kinders and day care centres, they stand the test of time when they are used as intended (although not indestructible if stood on by elephants or put in a fire).

They're also available in different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns to suit all ages from babies to adults.

They're easily cleaned, although they do attract cat hair.

Although they're durable, they're also not impervious to damage. Don't put them in your dishwasher or washing machine! They will get damaged if you do this. If you want to clean them, use a damp cloth and wipe down the surface thoroughly—you can even use mild soap if necessary. Note that some of our products have stickers or decals on them—if these come off during cleaning, we don't consider that damage; we just recommend keeping an eye out for it so it doesn't happen again!

If you have one child, you might be able to get away with buying one set of Magnatiles.

But if you want them to share with you, it won't be long and you'll be multiplying your collection in no time.

The first expansion pack I recommend are the "Animal collections" If your child loves animals or wants more variety in their collection, this is an excellent option for expanding on what came with the basic set (and will also enable them to create some pretty incredible dioramas). 

If your child has been playing only with Blocks or Tinkertoys before getting into Magna-Tiles®, then they probably haven't developed enough fine motor skills yet to work effectively with these new pieces without help from another person (or possibly even two). However if they've already mastered those skills then getting some additional sets could be very rewarding because there are many ways that magnets can interact:

The next expansion pack I recommend is "Metropolis." This set features buildings that are taller and more complex than the original pieces and provides a great way for kids to practice their building skills.

It's the attitude that you bring to toys that sparks creativity

Toys are a way to spark creativity, learn and develop, have fun, make friends and create. They help you learn about the world around you by giving you something tangible to focus on.

When I was a child I had no idea that toys could do all these things for me—I just knew that my toys were fun!


Magna-Tiles® are the one toy in the play room that will be played with consistently over years and they are so versatile, we are sure they will be a favourite in your house!



Photo credit to ___jesswright one of our amazing customers!

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