Hugs for Kids - Store Tour

Hugs for Kids - Store Tour

Hello and welcome to Hugs for Kids.

This is our childrens store in Main Street Belgrave.

We have everything that you need and nothing that you don't. We choose a variety of products very very carefully. We choose them based on good principles around their manufacturing and lovely Brands to deal with. Where possible we choose Australian Brands and Australian businesses.

We've been here in Main Street for 8 years now, we absolutely love our community and we support the community whenever we can. We have secret santa we've done different carnivals and fetes in the past.

I'd like to show you all of the beautiful Treasures that are inside our store.

We have a play area in the front window. The kids can have a fun time in the store, while mum is busy shopping and having Adult coversation.

We have beautiful Lottie dolls Lottie is a Barbie alternative a more socially correct doll that the girls can dress up and they can change their clothes and she's got lots of different accessories.

Our favourites are muddy puddles Lottie she has a yellow raincoat and gumboots and is terribly cute. Then we've got Forest friends. We've got a pool party and a kid activists.

There's even a little boy, his name is Finn and a few boy friends. There's even a snow queen. So for all the Elsa and Frozen fans!

Lottie is a huge favorite for most little girls that are between 4 and 8 to 10 or even some of your bigger. She is modelled on a 9 year old girl so is a great role model for all kids!

We have a selection of lots of family games, You can play together a Cooperative game, So they've got to work together to achieve something not necessarily, Win and loose. We don't really do Monopoly and all the ones
that are sold at Kmart and Target of but lots of educational games and family games that kids and parents are going to want to get down and have a play with same with puzzles.

We have a good selection of puzzles and the range changes seasonally and depending on what we are asked for, what is fun and what we like at the time

So we do quite a lot in the dinnerware range and different eating ideas for kids. The Love Mae range which is just beautiful. That's bamboo dinnerware, they're nice and eco-friendly good for the planet and then recyclable once you've finished using it again, It's biodegradable. Love mae are a lovely Australian company that do things a bit differently

Then we've got Barney gumnut, which is a beautiful ceramic range of little Australiana Keepsakes. With all the beautiful little Aussie animals, which are terribly cute.

Subo is Really really great food bottle. We stocked them before they won on the Shark tank and have exploded since their claim to fame. You can fill it with babies squishy food or for the bigger kids smoothies for their lunchbox. Doesn't leak no matter what the kids do!

Our other favourite dinner ware is the Re-Play dinner sets. Made from recycled milk jugs, perfect for eating as a family. There's a range of sippy cups with or without the straw.

There are tumblers, the Snacks Stacks, instead of tupperware to have your sultanas and fruit snacks for car rides or to have emergency food in your handbag!

The range is huge and really good value range that is fun for parties. We bought all of the colors of tumblers and plates, we now no longer have disposable cups in
our house and at our parties, we just have our replay so the kids remember what colour is theirs and they have the matching plate and cup! Saving the environment while having fun colourful dinneware every day!

Our Lunchboxes of choice are the Yumbox, they are a Bento lunchbox which have all the different compartments compartments and these ones then seal between the compartments. So if you've got leftovers and you having sauce with sausages the sauce can go in the small container doesn't jump ship and get into your cake or your fruit.

So the young box thermos also has a cool little spoon spoon holder. They're great for the kids and we'll keep their lunch warm lunchtime.

Our food bags and wraps are a lovely eco-friendly alternative to Glad wrap. They are good to go alongside your yumbox and pop your sandwich in so they just velcro you can then pop them in the washing machine or in the dishwasher or just wash them off in the sink while you're doing the dishes every night.

Other eating products are: different sorts of insulated lunch bags, reusable drink bottles really cool Cutlery for the Bubba's to hold onto safety peelers and knives Cutlery drink in the boxes. Everything that you need for the kids eating that you might consider you'd like.

A huge point of difference, we have is the original Magna tiles from Valtech. now Magna-Tiles are a big favourite here. We import them from the USA. They are a huge hit in the kindergarten kids and all kids that have them absolutely love the open ended play. They stack really really easily and just magnet together. So they are great fun for the children to make whatever they can imagine, a little soccer ball, space station, dolls house, horse stables, schools - anything! There are so many different sets available, car wheels, glow in the dark, polygons, rectangles, rainbow colours, cubes called qubix, the favourite Metropolis which has spinning pieces, cars and all the other shapes, the house set complete with stairs and freestyle which allow for play and magnets to work in all directions!

So if you'd like to clean up your house, And have the Lego stay in one place and not all over the lounge room. The play pouch are your option. The kids can pack up and carry to grandmas or put in the cupboard out of the way.

We've got some Vex Robotics these are really awesome. They are a robotics kit, a cross between Lego and meccano so they actually make working models that the children can then move. There is a zip flyer, little hex-calator that teaches the kids all about gears and mechanics and exactly how it goes together. Yeah, the kids have a ball so really really great price point perfect for gifts for probably eight year olds and up or younger ones if you'd like to do it with them but 8 and up is perfect for the Vex robotics.

Another construction toy we have and we love is the Matador. So this is actually in the play window for the children to play with in the store and there's few different ranges. So there's the Maker or Ki range which is the Kinder range, it has the big pieces for the smaller children so from 3 till about 8 and then the older kids range. For the older kids the Explorer series (or was classic) is awesome, the box says from 5, + but I disagree with that myself. I think it's more like 8 plus and they can they can really nail this type of building. The blocks are small and intricate, so any youunger and they get frustrated. There's a motor that you can buy separately to make your models actually work and move. It's a pretty cool range, my 11 year old is only jsut starting to use it to it's full capabilities!

We can always help you with any questions you have online on our chat or email or give us a call.

Then we've got lots of different science kits again, they swap and change with the season and what we feel like and what's really fun at the time for the children.

So we've got our wonderful clothing, but we also have lots of really fun cool accessories.

Lamingtons socks which are Merino wool socks that are made in New Zealand, which is awesome. All the way from newborn preemie size all the way up to adults. So the adults can definitely have the Merino socks a nice toasty toes, then we've got the babiators which are Some sunnies. These are our Sunny choice. They UV protective lots of funky funky colors and three different sizes covering from newborn up to teens. They have been designed to withstand all the kids bending and twisting and sitting on them and doing all that kind of stuff. So babiators, are guaranteed for 12 months from for loss or damage. You just register them when you buy them and then you can rock out the summer and have the kids eyes completely protected. Headbands and accessories from cheeky little fox who's a local Australian made supplier of beautiful hair accessories.

Now who remembers bobbles? everyone had bobbles if they're 80's or 70's girls. Every little girl,loves them to pieces and it makes mum's life a bit easier to do up their hair makes it really easy to undo the hair elastic so that they don't get stuck and pull on their hair too much.

At the bead at bar, you can make your own necklaces. They come in little gift boxes for all the jewelry designers out there.

Swedish moccasin, So this is another product that we import from overseas because they are just amazing. So these are from Sweden and they're They're nice and warm, but lightweight and fit like socks, so these replace socks and slippers! They stop the cold coming in through your feet and stop the kids from slipping and falling over like they do in socks awesome. These are another product that we have up to Adult sizes, just because we are a children's store but the kids shouldn't have all the fun.

Then we have really funky little Renegade caps. They come in a range of sizes again from Little up to adults, So mums and dads can now match their kids twinning is becoming more and more popular. So we've got lots of different colors so you can pick one and then have another one for your kids, same same but different! So these are our chosen hats because they've got a firm foam in there brim. And so they don't flop and get all floppy over kids faces. They go up to a age 6 which again I wear myself so you can show the kids that they can wear their hats their great time swimming and have them in the water.

I have to show you our beautiful lamps. This is Mickey and Stevie. There are chosen lamp supplier, and they are absolutely Divine. There are beautiful table lamps for children's bedrooms create just a beautiful vibrant And really really lovely feel in their rooms

We love our beautiful hot air balloon mobiles. They're just Divine, perfect in the nursery or in the children's bedroom or play area. They're lovely and we've also got this is a globe of the world. Mainly for the bigger boys to be honest with you, but this is just beautiful, an old school by-plane mobile which are really really sweet.

Lots of different beautiful things to keep the children's room a little bit special and just a bit fancy. Another different room decoration are the little puddles rainbows. And at Christmas time, we also have felt pom pom Christmas wreath. The range is made in Melbourne, which is excellent, supporting local makers and small businesses from Victoria is what we always try to do.

We have lots of different birthday cards baby shower cards, really really cute ones. You'll be amazing parents. I'm over the moon for you. Congratulations on growing your own human All of our cards we choose a blank and so you can fill them in however you'd like, we don't choose,the Hallmark cards that are written for you, the ones we choose lots of local designers and artists. So this one's a very dear friend of mine who I used to work with who's a graphic designer and she's now got her own range. So we try and work with local designers where possible and where they've got something that is awesome.

One of my favourite parts of the shop is the wall of beautiful wooden toys. Kids Love wooden toys. They love the texture of it. They love the feel and most wooden toys have got amazing educational benefits. A lovely little Rainbow balancing game, balancing Cactus lots of different things for cooking so little wooden tea sets lots of different wooden fruit and vegetables cute little picnic. Sets lots and lots of beautiful wooden puzzles.

So really lovely and educational lots of different bright colors and numbers. Then we've also got this great little cash register, which is a favorite in the play Corner little Ferris wheels, lots of interactive games. Games that the kids can play with but actually do something, sorting houses, Marble Runs, Magnetic toys, activity centers so they can learn to draw and learn their alphabet, ABCs and number recognition and Counting. In our music Corner. These are my favorite jingle bells are lovely.

Moving to babies, we have Timber beads, they are really good for bubs who are teething and starting to get really upset with teeth breaking through then we have the amber beads, which the children can wear. We've got the necklace if you like for the daytime and then the anklelets for the nighttime so you can put it on as a bracelet or an anklet for them. And then we've also got the little teethers made of a safe to chew on Silicon.

We've got the Lula dolls which were a beautiful doll which have a heartbeat helps calm down Restless babies that can't get off to sleep and then that just gives them a bit of calmness thinking that Mum or Dad is there with them, it has a heartbeat inside and breathing. So it feel like you're there in the room with them.

Beautiful blocks, we have choice of different alphabet and educational things to teach the children to learn and write and talk then of course fun, make-believe and role play toys. Our little post boxes that they can post little letters little toys trams on Wheels so they can wheel those around Wooden Prams and trollies, which are really lovely made in Denmark. So they're nicely designed lots of beautiful comforters and special little friends little friends that hold the dummy's they're really cute their hands have got Velcro to hold onto the dummies or the soothers. Then we have a range of natural rubber soothers which are great for the environment, but also really good for the children. Then we've got things like pram pegs.

One thing I really love is finding products that you can't find anywhere else, kids products that are hard to find and super special.

Good riddance, which is a mozzie repellant, a range for babies and a range for the bigger kids and adults and also got a rescue balm. So if you are do happen to be bitten by the mosquitoes that's got lots of beautiful ingredients that then take the itch out of the bites and the Good Riddance range is really beautiful and eco-friendly and safe for sensitive skin. But best of all it actually stops the mosquitos biting - it actually works!

Then we have the Hermosa Co collection. This is a really lovely range. So we have a nice bath salt for pregnant Mum's, theres a magnesium spray to get rid of any cramps from pregnancy cramping, belly oil to just keep your belly nice and soft and supple and hopefully reduce the stretch marks. We've got nipples which is a beautiful alternative to lanolin, which is all natural so you don't need to wash it away before you feed your baby because it's not toxic, which is a crazy great idea non-toxic nipple balm, that's helpful. There is also a postpartum sitz. which is a really lovely tea like soak for fixing any tears or episiotomy issues that you might have during the birth of the baby. Then we got feeding cookies lactation cookies are great for breastfeeding mums. They help with your milk supply and also give you something to nibble on while you're feeding bubs.

The puggle baby backpack, which is an the best nappy bag it is designed by a husband and wife as a bag that a dad would like to carry. So an awesome awesome product with a million and one different Zips and compartment so you can hold everything in we also stock the SRC shorts. So the SRC recovery and the SRC pregnancy shorts are amazing! The Ergobaby carriers are our carriers of choice at the moment. So we love lots of different carriers. We have their wraps and we then have their standard sized carriers, which they can have forward-facing on your back as a backpack or on the front as you know, a little koala to cuddle.

Then we have these beautiful little night lights. The dream lights come in lots of different designs for lots of children from babies all the way up to whenever they like it. There's different brightnesses of The light and really really great if they're having night terrors or worrying about separation anxiety and things. Then we have the aroma Bloom and the Aroma snooze. So these are beautiful humidifier or diffusers and humidifiers. So they stay cold so that the water doesn't get hot which is lovely unlike what I had when I had my kids. No, no hot steam to hurt them and then we've got lots of beautiful essential oils to help with everything to relax, sleeping, Focus, immunity, nurture, courage, child calming So these are fabulous for any anxious children and a winter rescue which is good for any colds and coughs just to clear everybody out.

The terramundi money pots are an Italian tradition where you give children (or anyone) money then they collected in their pot then once it's full they Smash it open in this great big ceremony, and then they have a fabulous time and doing whatever they want to were saving for. Our wonderful life music boxes are absolutely stunning. It's a range of beautiful music boxes that play music and move around. So they're terribly sweet and very very popular there a beautiful gift sake Keepsake rather and a great gift for any age but a real favourite with babies, but then also as the kids get older and they actually start to enjoy them so that it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Then we have a great alternative to your traditional Muslin swaddles, We have the love to dream swaddle UPS. Just a simple zip keeps the arms in there's
transition bags. You want to teach them to have their arm out you can train to their sleep training that
way, the swaddle up love to dream swaddle ups are really really great
helps them get off to sleep and stay asleep. They're not wait woken by their startle
reflex and that That scare that gives gives them a jolt and makes them wakeup.

We've got beautiful heirloom mover prams. So again, this is a mover range of prams and trucks. They're designed in Denmark and absolutely beautiful for first birthdays and lovely little keepsakes.

Then this is our gorgeous baby table. This is constantly changing depending with the seasons and the variety that we order from our suppliers. Halcyon nights is one of our all-time favorites. They do lots of Bright Beautiful rompers, bibs and accessories. They do baby sheets cots bassinets. This is an OB designs beautiful hand crochet blanket, which are just lovely and different colors.

We've got some lovely rattles little Australian rattles there from Nana Huchy, more blankets with a beautiful australian-themed. Halcyon night's does really lovely Australiana which is fabulous for a gift that you wanting to send overseas to remind them of Ozzy's back here.

Then we also have ink it so these are beautiful they make little handprints. So it's like photographing their handprint, And you can keep it forever.

This is little zippers, our in-house our baby range. So these are our ZIP rompers, you have the long and short and they start all the way from premie 5-0 size all the way up to a size 1 and the size one we've done doesn't have feet. So while they're up and walking it's a practical baby romper, it has a cute little Love haeart on the bottom because who doesn't love a little bottom and the zip is, fabulous that zips all the It in the front or up the bottom. So it's very very easy for nighttime nappy changes. Handsdown the easiest Romper that I've used on babies in the night and beautiful stunningly soft cotton elastane. There's also little hats, blankets and bibs that go alongside with them, making them the perfect baby gift.

Then we've got lots of different rattles, lots of accessories and different beautiful little baby gifts for any baby. Little muslins and then we've got our soft toys. So we've got beautiful range of soft toys our favorite suppliers are Nana Huchy, OB designs and miann & Co We've got every sort of fairy princess that you could ever imagine. Perfect for any little girls room and then some really lovely little boys ones. So there's lots of little boy dolls, Australian animals lots of little friends for the children's little koalas, unicorns are a huge favorite hit with most little girls at the moment anything that we have that's unicorn flies off the shelves. So we've got lots of unicorn activities.

We have some face Paint so this is a natural mineral makeup
that if you mix it with water, it becomes
face paint.
So it's an all natural totally safe facepaint or make up for the children.

Then Huckleberry do a really great range of craft kits. The unicorn flurry which is a bit like fake snow, make your own flower fairies, origami, Play-Doh soap, water beads, make your own Crystal princess, Feather Crowns. Lots of different amazing make your own natural lip balm kits for the older girls.

Then we've got our slick kids range, which is an amazing range from no nasties. It's an all natural hair care product range for the children. There's a hair detangler, hairspray, hair paste and a hair Gel, all fruity flavours and designed for kids!

We've got lots of little party gift ideas. Tiger tribe and Huckleberry do a great range of lots of little fun things perfect for party bags, or sticking fillers at Christmas. Even something fun to add to a gift of a book or clothing! Jack and Jill toothpaste and toothbrush set. So all natural toothpaste in fruity flavours for the kids to actually want to brush their teeth!

Tiger tribe is an Australian brand and they do lots and lots of different activity and craft kits. So basically anything that you could want for your children at any age, so they start from little ones with block sets all the way through learning how to draw so artist kits for the older kids lettering make your own comic books loads of different things games that kids can play with siblings and with parents. Cooperative games and fun. I spy type things again lots of different coloring some more craft some painting for kids so water painting so they paint it just with water and it makes no mess so lots of crafts activities some that make a little bit of mess, but most that are pretty parent friendly.

We love lots of Things from New Zealand. So we have the beautiful handcrafted swings, they are a baby swing that convert to a toddler swing so last for up to 6 or 7 years!!

Wishbone design is a range of flips and bikes. The wishbone Flip is a little ride on, like a scuttle bug, so the kids can ride on it, but then they can flip it around and it becomes a rocker so really great for the one to two year olds, then we go to the trike, which is amazing. So this converts to a two wheel balance bike and as it is there is Three wheels with different seat covers and then we've got the two wheel setup and we've got a little little girl waiting to ride so that is made with recycled carpet. yes, you heard it right recycled carpet so really good for the environment and awesome for the kids. So those Wishbone bikes are perfect from ages one and a half from when they can walk pretty much up to five or six depending on how tall they are.

Roasted Fox is our brand of children's clothing. So we didn't want our kids to grow up too quickly and we struggled to find clothing for the store that was colorful and bold and bright and fun but also comfortable with really soft Fabrics Fabrics that would last washing a million times and that kids would actually want to wear because it's comfortable and not itchy and not nasty. So We did it ourselves. Welcome Roasted Fox. We design it in house with the help of our darling little children who helped us pick and choose colors. That's our main range of clothing here in
the store.

These are our slumberkins. This is a range of beautiful beautiful toys that are designed to help children with their emotions. Each of the toys comes with the lovely book and also in affirmation card. This one here is our little alpaca and she or he is the stress relief alpaca and her card says I am strong and supported I am never alone, climbing these mountains will lead me home. It's just really cute. It's really nice for the children to know that they're not alone in what they're feeling. I'm a self esteem big Foot we've got authenticity unicorn a family change Fox so good if families are changing and morphing lots and lots of beautiful little friends to help kids understand and accept their emotions.

And then I think that might just be about it?

We do offer a gift wrapping service in the store and also online. So if you are purchasing a gift for somebody and would like it sent directly to them to save your shipping so we can wrap right the gift card and send it directly to the recipient. So you don't need to pay for double postage.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you our shoe collection. So we love plae shoes. play shoes is an amazing brand amazingly designed sneaker. So basically they have as you can see lots of different ones. They are amazing. So they've got really great Sole on the bottom really great grip. So the children don't fall over there nice and flexible. They Bend really easily and the kids can have full range of movement. Most of them have got velcro, which is awesome because kids can't do shoe laces what they've got is removable tabs. So you can replace the tab with a bigger one as the children grow or just make sure that the shoe fits their foot properly. If the velcro wears out, then you can replace them and then boom you've got a new pair of shoes again, then of course we've got well he's or gumboots depending on if you're a kiwi or if you're an Aussie. So we've got beautiful gum boots, which are lined to keep their feet toasty.

Then we have a little range of books. We don't have a huge range of books, but we have the classic favorites. We have the books that every child loves. We've got all sorts of favorites one mole digging a hole, where is the green sheep, hello baby, Peter Rabbit etc. So lots of fun ones the books that we've had as our on our favourite shelf ever the gruffalo's range. Lots of Julia Donaldson lots of different authors that we absolutely love like Enid Blyton and Mem Fox.

So I hope you had a fabulous trip.

Thanks so much for reading all about our beautiful little store in Belgrave, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Bye for now!

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