Free and Imaginative Play

Free and Imaginative Play

Little children learn through play, in their own, individual and unique way, and through their own personal experiences of the world around them.

The choice of play materials offers varied and open-ended possibilities for creativity, and helps to create an environment that supports the possibility of healthy play.

Wooden blocks or animals, objects from nature, play cloths, are all a great base. You will soon notice that a child who is given the opportunity to play imaginatively becomes self-directed and deeply engaged in their play, leading to a longer duration of play of high quality, dynamic, healthy and creative play.

Here at Hugs for Kids our range of imaginative play toys includes beautiful Australian designed and made wooden blocks, small world play figurines and buildings, felt fairies, wooden animals and cotton play cloths.

Setting up a play scene with a few simple objects is a wonderful way to engage a younger child into imaginative play. Making up a simple story, or telling a favourite fairy-tale with some of the characters in the scene also helps the child to engage, and inspired to create their own adventures, or re-tell their own favourite stories.




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