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Beks' Banter - The Opportunity Of COVID19



I think this is the most amazing opportunity that we've all been given to connect with our children, to spend time at home with them, and do all those things that  we would like to do, that seem like a nice idea, but it's just too busy - I've got too much on.

So, spend time in the backyard. Go digging under a rock and see what animals or creatures that you might find. Spend time building a fort, spend time doing all those things you see quite often on lists.

Spend time playing with the animals and just enjoying the world around them. They are only tiny for such a small time and it's just I think an amazing opportunity for us all to put everything on hold and to just enjoy the world that your children see.

Sit down on the floor and play with them. What else do you have today?

There's going to be reduced work, there's reduced outings, there's reduced everything. So enjoy.

Enjoy the time with the kids and yes, reach out if you need help. If you need some advice, if you need ideas of what to do with your kids, then hit the comments and I will come up with them cause I have a heart condition, so we are locking my kids and myself away. The store is remaining open and we're following different cleaning and safety procedures than usual.

But for now, that's where we're at.

I hope that everyone has a fabulous day and yes, just take it for what it is - one day at a time and just stay calm and relaxed and enjoy.

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