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Bek's Banter - The Fun Jar



Today, I thought I would share with you something that we did a little while ago now, but we continue to love it to pieces.

In the course of our business, we find lots of fun things to do. We do lots of blogs about different activities that you can do with the kids and all sorts of fun stuff that goes on in and around Melbourne but also, just lots of good ideas to do.

So a few years ago now we came up with this. This is our jar of fun stuff. So basically I went through every blog that we'd written about fun things to do with your kids. About different places to go, fun things, but also cheap things. Things that are just a little bit different, but just take maybe a little bit of time to put together.

So basically, we sat down and we went through a few things, and so we've divvied it up into: "A Few Hours", "A Whole Day Outside" and "A Whole Day Inside". So we split them up that way, but I also think that I'd like to review it and do "Free Activities" and also "Things That Cost Money" because I think that would be good to differentiate if we've spent a fair bit in the last few weeks so let's do something that's free.

So anyway, this is how we've done it. We've colour coded it, so then the kids can go, "Oh, don't know what to do, Mum, it's raining". So pick a yellow - that's a few hours. And so then they pick it out and off we go. What is it? Today it's a scavenger hunt.

So we actually decided as a family what we were going to put in the Jar and so the first one we pull out is what we're doing. So it's a scavenger hunt. We then put that inside the lid so we know that we've done it, and we don't do 20 scavenger hunts because that would defeat the purpose and get a little bit boring.

If it's a beautiful sunny day and we want to play outside, then we pick a blue one, so we're gonna spend a whole day outside. This one for example is "Visit a New Park" and I've even put a link to the website there which tells you lots of cool parks inside Melbourne.

Then if it's raining and miserable and we want to spend the whole day inside doing something, then we pick a green and that one's"Minigolf" but there's lots of other different ones.

Inside the lid we've also got extra things, so if I read an article or a friend or a customer tells me, "Oh hey, we went to the Fairy Park this weekend!"...good idea - put in the jar! So then it gets bundled up and mixed up, and then it's a lucky dip every day for the kids.

So anyway, let me know how you go and what you think of it, and yeah, good luck and have heaps of fun putting it all together.

I've gone through ours and written down down all of the ideas and what we've got in there so that you can have  a bit of a look and get some inspiration from us.

I hope it helps!


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