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Bek's Banter - Talking To Kids In A Crisis


Today I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about communicating with your children.

Now, I am by no means an expert, but I definitely know what works for us, and what works for parents in the store all the time. So with all this virus talk and reducing our outings and staying home a bit more, I wanted to to just touch base and remind everybody that with your kids, they are going to feed off your emotions far more than your words.

Stay calm. Stay positive. Speak to them with kindness and love. They're only little, they do not understand what's going on right now and nor should they. They don't need to know the details, they just need to know from their mum or from their dad that they and their family are going to be ok. So have that in your mind and always come to them from a place of kindness.

You need to be their calm. There's lots of crazy things going on so that you as the person that they're looking to and looking up to need to be there consistent and their calm.

If you're feeling really nervous, if you're feeling concerned about anything, then just take a breath, and let it go and know that at the moment, your biggest job is staying calm and happy for those children.

So smile, play, take this as the opportunity that I'm taking it - time to be away from your regular life, time to be away from running from here to there and got to meet this person, got to see them, got to go to swimming. Gotta go everywhere. 

Take this time as a gift for you to spend with your children, to slow down, to take your foot off the pedal and just sit back and relax and enjoy their childhood. They only little once and in a flash it's going to be gone. So just take a breath, sit down and play with them. Teach them numbers, teach them counting, teach them colours. I'm not a teacher, but we're going to come up with some really great ideas for different homeschooling ideas and things to do with your toddlers while they can't get out.

Go and explore your backyard, find a flower and pull it apart and see what happens, see what's in the middle. We found this crazy mushroom today. I will post some pictures that the kids pushed on the top and it just went poof with smoke. Don't know what that was about but that's going to be our science lesson for tomorrow. We're going to look it up and find out what it was.

So take this time as a time to connect and time to slow down and just put the brakes on and relax. Do cooking with the kids, do all those things that you wish you could do but you but you don't have the time.

Sit and read a book. Sit and relax and just make sure that you're their calm and their constant.

So anyway, I am going to be posting lots of fabulous ideas. We've got lots of people in our community that do lots of amazing activities with their kids. So if you'd like to come on board, we've got our Facebook group, I'll put a link in the comments.

And if you're doing anything with your kids that you think "Oh, other people would love to see this", jump on and show us.

I look forward to connecting with you all. And if anyone needs anything, please make sure to reach out.



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