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8 Entrepreneurial Skills Your Kids Need

Do you remember your schooling? Do you remember what you learned? And is any of it still relevant to your life today?

I know that for me, most of the skills I use in my work today, sure weren't learned at school. They're either tactical skills I taught myself or personal characteristics I adapted from my parents.

I wish that all of the courses I did throughout my years of schooling had had a direct correlation to my current career path but the truth is, systematised education played only a small role in determining who I've become and what I'm doing today.

Most schools don’t teach the skills or nurture the qualities needed to grow into an entrepreneurial role and these are the roles our children will fill. As a parent though, you have an opportunity to shape your child into a person who can face any challenge.

Here are eight skills you should teach your children to prepare them for the future they'll one day create for themselves.


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