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7 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Apart from stuffing yourself with chocolate, the best part of Easter is the Egg Hunt. Here at Hugs HQ, we always try to get the kids searching all over the inside and the outside of the house for their eggs because the longer it takes, the more time we have for coffee. 


Kind of. 

But in all seriousness, we do love our creative hunts so here's a few ideas to help make the morning that little bit more interesting!


1. Colour Hunt

Assign a colour to each child and have them search for that colour only. This is a great way to make sure all kids get the same amount of eggs and perfect for little ones who aren’t quite fast enough to get a huge egg haul.


2. Easter Bunny Tracks

Get in the spirit by making it look like the Easter Bunny definitely stopped by and hid the eggs himself. Using flour and a footprint-shaped stencil, set Bunny tracks around your yard that lead to the hidden eggs.


3. Find The Golden Easter Egg

Hide a golden plastic egg that hides an eggstra special treasure inside.


4. Secret Message Easter Egg Hunt

Paint or draw a letter on each Easter egg and have participants work together to find the eggs and crack the code to decipher a secret message revealing the secret location of an eggstravagant prize. You could combine this idea with number 3 and make the Golden Egg the prize.


5. Easter Egg Treasure Map Hunt

Hide an egg for each participant somewhere fairly easy to find. Leave a map inside each egg that will lead them to their basket filled with special goodies and tasty treats.


6. “All For One And One For All” Easter Egg Hunt

As you’ve probably experienced, Easter egg hunts are fun until someone hunts down more eggs than everyone else. A simple solution is to organise the hunt as a collaborative effort. Everyone collects as many eggs as they can. Once they are all collected everyone sits down, counts them and divides them up evenly. This version saves so many tears and tantrums as well as rewarding everyone for their efforts while teaching the kids about collaboration.


7. Scavenger Hunt

Our favourite. With this hunt, the Easter Bunny leaves notes and clues around to tell the kids where the eggs are hidden. The clues can be rhymes, riddles pictures, descriptions and more. For example, a note with a drawing of the child’s dressing gown would then lead to an egg hidden in the pocket of the dressing gown. You can then lead the kids in a predictable fashion all around the house while you enjoy a coffee while starting on the eggs you didn't hide.


Have a great Easter!

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