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10 Skills Dads Must Teach Their Kids

Thanks for the wisdom, Dad.


 1. Life Is About Balance

Too much of any one thing can be unhealthy.


2. The World Doesn't Revolve Around You

Having a little perspective makes us all better humans.


3. Timing Is Everything

Don't rush into things, BUT don't hesitate for too long or you might miss out.


4. Be Quick To Help Others

Because Karma


5. You're Capable Of More Than You Think

Self-belief and confidence will take you a long way.


6. Sharing Is Caring

Because one day you'll be the one who wants a bite of someone's icy-pole.


7. Know When To Hold Your Tongue

Sometimes knowing when to keep quiet is as important as speaking up.


8. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Then you'll have more energy for when it really counts.


9. Always Close The Door Behind You

t'll save you on your heating and cooling bill.


10. The Best Present You Can Give Someone Is Your Time

It shows people that you care.

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