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10 Secret Toddler Milestones You Need To Know

Toddler milestones. Obviously, there are a whole bunch that we eagerly wait for such as walking, talking, sleeping through the night (yes, it will happen... eventually), but there are also some lesser known developmental points that you should be made aware of by the parents who have gone before you.

They're not in the books, but they're definately important.


1. The First Time They Say "I Love You"

I reckon we'd been chanting, "I love you" at our son for 2 years straight and got nothing back.  Then one day, out of the blue he said, "I ove ooo, Mumma."

I nearly died cuteness overload.


2. The First Time You Want To Slap Them

The first time the thought flashes in your brain, you feel disgusted with yourself. By the 120th time you feel like slapping them you just shrug to yourself and kick a door.

Don't judge – along with the cuteness, the toddler years are also a head-wrecking time.


3. The First Time You Give Them The Finger Behind Their Back

Maybe this is just me...


4. The First Running Hug

O. M. G. The feels. The pure unadulterated love that emanates from a running hug is incomparable. Of course nowadays, the running hugs are forceful enough to knock me off my feet.

But it's still the nicest I ever feel being pushed to the floor and jumped on.


5. The First Time You Think "Just EAT IT!!!"

The whole eating thing can be a minefield. Every time you do something really ridiculous like cutting the toast wrong, their reaction prompts feelings of both despair and amazement at how someone as inept as you are can remain alive.


6. The First Time You Think "At Least He's Eating Something..."

It might be gum lifted off the footpath but, oh well.

Is this just me again?


7. The First Time They Make A Joke

It won't be funny. It probably won't even make sense. But the first on-purpose joke is pretty momentous. Laugh heartily.

Then expect to hear it for days on end.


8. The First Time They Say "Please" And "Thank You" Unprompted

You climb to the top of the highest mountain and proclaim to the world, "I am a parenting GOD!".

Then you cut the toast wrong again.


9. The First Time They Sass You

So very, very annoying, but also so ridiculously funny. My one wouldn't leave the park so I did the old, "OK, I'm leaving now" and acted out the whole pretend. An Oscar-worthy performance to which he smirkingly replied, "OK, Bye Bye," accompanied by a little wave.

We stayed a while longer.


10. The First Crush

My son's first crush was Prue, a beautiful girl from his kinder. She was 24. He's pretty advanced, I guess.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent


You're welcome.

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