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10 Fun Ideas For Leftover Christmas Boxes!

So, Christmas is over and now you've got all these boxes and leftover wrapping paper just sitting around. Sure, you could just throw it all away (making sure you recycle appropriately), or just maybe you could re-purpose it into something fun.

So here's our Top 10 (plus one Bonus) ideas for up-cycling Christmas waste.

And given it's now school holidays, you might also find these ideas help fill in some empty afternoons. 


1. Cardboard Houses

Making a house from cardboard isn’t a new idea but I love the customisation of these ones. And wrapping paper makes great wallpaper.


2. Aeroplane

If you cut a hole out of the bottom of this, it could be carried around Flintstones style.


3. Mailbox

Something about mail fascinates little people and since it’s unlikely they’ll be receiving much from the real mailbox, make their very own special delivery system.


4. Top Hat

Think of all the different type hats you could make. Of course, you'll have to have a tea party to wear them to!


5. Parking Garage

Nothing adds to the fun of toy cars quite like a garage - they can park, fill up and zoom around. Plus, this is a great place to store them all.


6. Play Castle

This is a pretty simple project made very cute with the use of coloured tape.


7. Guitars

Who doesn't want to be a rockstar? And if you're so inclined, why not make a bass, some drums and a microphone? Let's get the band back together.


8. Play Town

If the box is big enough, you can make a whole city!


9. Doll Bed

In our house, dolls outnumber the beds by about 1000-1 but you can change this.


10. Shape Sorter

This toy helps teach shapes and colours. Perfect for any toddler in the house.




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