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Hawthorn Press

Woodland Crafting

Woodland Crafting

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Woodland Crafting – Using green sticks, beading and string

‘This book is a real woodland companion and will, I Guarantee, increase any learner’s enjoyment, understanding and ‘feeling’ for our woods and woodcrafts. Happy ‘crafting and creating’.
Jon Cree, Chair of the Forest School Association and Forest School Training Coordinator

Woodland Crafting guides the reader on making things with wood, in the woods, with a series of beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. It provides the basic knowledge and skills to complete a range of both simple and more advanced craft projects, from functional structures to creative outdoor play forms. You’ll learn how to choose and work your wood effectively, use simple tools, tie knots and develop your own designs to make masks and puppets, night torches and staffs, arrows, jewellery, ladders, shelters, chairs for stargazing and much more. This book has all you need to know to make working with wood fun.

This book, previously published as ‘Making Woodland Crafts’, is the perfect companion for any family outdoor day, a joyful introduction to the crafts available in any piece of woodland. It is guaranteed to get children (and their parents, siblings, grandparents…) out and about and enjoying nature.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: (208.00mm X 198.00mm)
  • Extent: 96 pages


Patrick Harrison is an experienced outdoor learning educator and trainer of Forest School Leaders. He is an accomplished illustrator. This book developed from working and playing with both adults and children in woodlands for years. He is passionate about nurturing children’s love and respect for nature through crafts and outdoor learning.

‘A feast for the eye and the soul, for the imagination too. Every new page will lead you outdoors to forage, collect, make and do. This is a book for the budding Swallow or Amazon.’
David Bond, Project Wild Thing, from the Foreword

‘It is the type of book you want to share, but be warned; you may end up buying for someone and then keeping it for yourself, it is that good!’
Martine Horvath, reviewing ‘Making Woodland Crafts’ in EYE volume 16, no 10

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