Recycled 2-in-1 Balance Bike

Wishbone Design

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Product Details

Just like our original wooden Wishbone Bike, the Recycled Edition is super-adjustable, converting from small to tall balance bike to fit kids from 18 months to 6 years!

But this time, we've made it from 100% recycled plastic for maximum durability and designed an innovative new frame system called rotafixTM for the perfect fit.

Get the Rotafix fit...

RotafixTM is an integrated system for easy, customised seat & frame adjustability.

Developed by Wishbone for Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition, RotafixTM combines three-way seat & frame pivoting system plus a single fixing to micro-adjust Wishbone Bike for your child.

Quick & easy, RotafixTM lets you re-size your bike in seconds.

Made from indoors, meant for outdoors...

Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition is made from old carpets. Seriously.

We use pre-loved, residential carpets. It's collected from home-owners in the United States, shaved to remove the backing, and shredded. Our recycler adds glass fibre for strength and turns it into millions of little resin pellets, ready for molding into a bike frame. Now that's good.