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Ugears Stem Lab Random Generator

Assemble it and discover the principle of working of the Random Generator. The model kit comes with a QR-code that will forward you to the learning guide about the mechanism, the principle of its working, the main characteristics, formulas, and interesting assignments. Dive into augmented reality and look at how the random generator works. Interact with the model via a special AR application from Ugears.

Model size: 17.3*12.2*13.2 cm
Package size: 20.5*18.8*6.3 cm
Number of components: 160
Estimated time for assembly: 3 hours

Recommended for 14+ years old to assemble on their own. Sometimes they will need their parents’ help. Children 6+ will require adult supervision. "Our mission – is to unite children and their parents."

Ugears STEM puzzles are designed to suit different age groups with a special focus on learning components. The assembly of the model will be interesting and won’t take much time.

STEM lab Model kits come with all you need in a box.

Just like the rest of Ugears wooden model kits, putting STEM lab models together is fun and comprehensive: everything you need to build, learn, and discover comes in a box. There you will find:

  • Wooden details are pre-cut with a precise high-tech laser in high-quality plywood boards, as well as other materials required for assembly. DIY kits need no glue or additional instruments to build. The details come out of the board with a slight push.
  • Step-by-step illustrated assembly instruction manual.
  • Practical lab tasks with the use of your model.
  • QR-code to download a pocket study guide about the model, its mechanism, principle of its working, main characteristics, physical and mechanical formulas, and fun practical tasks.
  • QR-code to download AR-application. Fascinating innovation from Ugears – new drive to learn more new things!