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Tooth and Gum Brush

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We know these look really, really weird, but they also really, really work.

With bristles on all sides, they 'hug' the teeth from top to bottom and kids find them really easy to use, even on their own. It's actually a pretty genius design.


  • Soft Silicone Bristles
  • Gentle on tiny teeth and sensitive gums
  • 100% Medical/Food Grade Silicone
  • BPA & PVC Free
  • Double Sided - cleans top & bottom, front & back at the same time!


Wash thoroughly before and after use. Apply a small amount of Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste to brush. Gently slide brush over teeth with a forward/backward motion.

  • Use only under adult supervision.
  • Do Not Chew!
  • Safe For Infants!