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Last year, we launched our very first and amazingly successful Secret Santa Project.

After some families in our community suffered unimaginable tragedies, we asked for nominations for deserving families and in the days leading up to Christmas, the kids and I delivered secret parcels to those families.

The support from our customers was tremendous with many wanting to donate as they were fortunate and didn’t know of any families that had had a hard time - something that surprised even me and touched me to know we are part of such a giving and loving community.

The impact on our family was amazing. Every day I picked up the kids from school with another parcel in the car. We spoke about their stories (I might have left out some crazy sad details that I didn’t think miss 7 and Mr 9 had to know about) and about how they must be feeling while we were all so happy with our family and friends.

We then discussed how the presents might make them feel and how they will have so much fun wondering about them - who would they think left them? Were they going to think we are the real Santa, just early? It was amazing and the discussions we had were so touching, I just know we are raising truly kind and considerate kids.

Some people didn’t live close by so those parcels were sent with an anonymous card, but most were hand delivered.

Which is not as easy as it sounds when you’re trying to be secret – I honestly that we were going to have the police called on us a few times! I didn’t realise how hard it is to drop a box or bag off at someone’s door without being caught.

Especially after school during summer when doors and windows open and houses are a hive of activity.

We had one house where we couldn’t find the front door, so while we were in the car port trying to work out where to leave the gift, we heard a door open on the other side of the house and Mum calling out “Bye, see you in 10 minutes”. Aaaargh!

The kids and I quite literally lay on the ground behind their rubbish bin, sure we were going to be seen, but Mum left without noticing and we snuck up to the door with bag in hand. But when the boards creaked and Dad called out, “What did you forget now?” and stomped to the door, needless to say we dropped that bag and ran as fast as we could back to the car and took off so they didn’t catch us!

So much fun! We really wanted to set up secret spy cams so we could see their reactions when they found them, but that’s part of the giving, we’ll never know. We are sure that we made their day and contributed to them having some joy and feeling of wonder at what should be for everyone an incredible time of the year spent happy with their families.

So, this year we are doing it again and opening it up to all of our customers to donate as well as nominate.

So to make this work, we need your help.

If you would like to donate  you're in the right place. The default amount is $10 but feel free to select any quantity of $10 to make up your donation amount. The more we get, the more families we can help!

Lets' make Christmas a little bit happier for those who need it!