Scribbly Skirt


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Product Description:

You might have noticed that sometimes we children don't always do as we're told. We like to try stuff. And yes, often we get into trouble. It's not that we like trouble but the thing is, if we have an idea and pull it off resulting in something wonderful, we often escape punishment. What is it you adults say?

It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission...


  • Indigo skirt with Ruby waistband.
  • Charcoal Floral overlay with pops of Violet, Peach, Rust and Silver.
  • Super soft waistband for pure comfort.
  • Waistband folds up for extra warmth when needed.
  • Real side pocket.
  • Longer cut for practical modesty.
  • Foxtail motif.


  • Pin Wale Corduroy skirt.
  • 100% Cotton overlay.
  • 100% Bamboo waistband.