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Rainbow Eucalypt Skirt

Size: 6m

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Big day today: School; After school play (and deal with that little 'Samantha' issue); Haircut (she better not cut too much off this time or there will be tears); Dinner (meatloaf again); Bath; Stories; Bed. Life can be quite the whirlwind for the well-dressed girl about town. Luckily, I found this skirt.

Goes with anything and is comfy all day long...


  • Ruby skirt with Floral overlay.
  • Yellow waistband and Blue trim.
  • Super soft waistband for pure comfort.
  • Waistband folds up for extra warmth when needed.
  • Real side pocket.
  • Longer cut for practical modesty.
  • Foxtail motif.


  • Pin Wale Corduroy skirt.
  • 100% Cotton overlay.
  • 100% Bamboo waistband.