Pretty Horses Decals


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Pretty horses and galloping ponies, looks like they have broken free.

Love Mae's delightful FABRIC wall stickers are lovingly designed with the finer details in mind. Our gorgeous decals are incredible quality can be applied to just about any surface. They are re-usable and removable which means you can move them around as much as you like. Great for getting the layout of them just perfect…. or putting them back up easily when little fingers have reached them and moved them around. It also makes them perfect for rental homes needing a little something special without the landlord getting upset. We do however feel that they don’t stick on the new paint that contain Teflon, so please keep that in mind.

Our fabric decals are non toxic. We guarantee the quality and will replace any faulty items.

We hope you enjoy using Love Mae's range of products to decorate your little one’s special space.

Please see sheet layout for exactly what you will receive.


Horse measurement vary largest horse is 17 x 15cm approx, pole 14 cms among other parts to the scene there are 9 stars.