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Pink Shell Long Romper

Size: 5x0

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The World's Best Romper

With the simple idea of banishing press-studs to the dark-ages where they belong and replacing them with an ingenious chin-to-bum zip, we have made dressing and changing your wriggly bundle of joy easy, simple and stress-free.

Featuring a design that allows ease of access to those little legs that just won’t stay still, Li'l Zippers make nappy changing a breeze - meaning you can focus on other things - like the wonder that is your child.

Everything Your Baby Needs

  • Roll over mitten-cuffs that will protect their faces from scratching, but fold out of the way when they're ready to play.
  • Built-in-feet in the little sizes to keep them warm, but no feet in the bigger ones for when they're ready to walk.
  • Super soft fabrics for all-day and all-night comfort.

Everything You Need

  • Incredibly durable cotton/elastane fabric, that washes easily and will never lose shape or colour.
  • Reversible beanies and blankets that will go with whatever outfit you choose.
  • Beautiful designs that ensure your little is always immaculately dressed.