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As we journey through parenting we eventually reach the teething phase.

The drool!. The drool that seems to go on long before the first tooth ever appears! The wet trail that is all over your little ones neck, chest and clothes! When you're constantly wiping away dribble and constantly picking up and sanitising dropped teethers from the floor or the back seat of the car!

The solution - a dribble bib and teether all in one!

Introducing the Neckerchew, a reversible chewable dribble bib that soaks up copious amounts of dribble and cannot be dropped on the ground, discarded or lost!!

The Neckerchew is the original chewable dribble bib that was created by two mums who like a lot of us were constantly picking up and washing teethers. Tackling the teething double of dribble and soothing irritated gums without having to constantly pick teethers up off the floor, the Neckerchew is both absorbent and chewable!

Each bib features an absorbent layer in the middle acting as a barrier to help prevent moisture coming through the other side. Resulting in your child’s neck staying dry and their clothes drool free!! The silicone teether is designed to massage and sooth sore gums. No assistance required to hold the teether, it's perfect for tiny hands.

Made from super soft jersey cotton each bib is also fully reversible so you coordinate the bib with more outfits.

  • Attached baby pink teether
  • Super absorbent - 3 layers
  • Hygienic
  • 2 bibs in one
  • 100% cotton
  • One size with two adjustable poppers
  • Suitable for 2 month-2 years