Mini Doll's Pram - Natural


by Moover

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Product Description:

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your child care for Dolly in the same way you care for her? 

It's a special thing to see, like looking in a mirror.  

Nothing could be cuter, except seeing Dolly settled in this beautifully perfect pram.  These are the experiences that create beautiful memories, that begin as a child and last a lifetime.

There is just something simply wonderful about a solid wooden toy and the Moover Toy range is no exception.  From the moment you open the well designed box, you see the beautiful handcrafted quality and smell the lovely earthiness of cut timber. This mini version of the Moover Toys Doll's Pram is just so cute and is the perfect gift for any occassion.  Dolls, teddies and figurines will be put to bed and cared for again and again.  The high quality gives the child optimum playing conditions.

The Mini Dolls Pram is as strong and sturdy as its bigger counterpart and its smaller size makes it a very portable toy to take in the car, on holidays or out to dinner.

It is made from high quality plywood and has solid timber wheels with rubber tyres and will last for a very long time.

The Mini Dolls Pram measures 21cm(L) x 22cm(H) x 13cm(W) and weighs 500g.

Available in Natural with red or Red with yellow. It comes fully assembled.