Dolls Pram - Pink


by Moover

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Product Description:

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your child care for Dolly in the same way you care for her?

It's a special thing to see, like looking in a mirror.

Nothing could be cuter, except seeing Dolly settled in this beautifully perfect pram. These are the experiences that create beautiful memories, that begin as a child and last a lifetime.

There is just something simply wonderful about a solid wooden toy and the Moover Toy range is no exception. From the moment you open the well designed box, you see the beautiful handcrafted quality and smell the lovely earthiness of cut timber. The Moover Toys Doll's Pram is both classic and modern in its design with a focus on what children like to see, touch, and play with.

The high quality gives the child optimum playing conditions. This play pram is made of high-quality birch veneer and supplied with massive wooden wheels with rubber tires. The back is made of one piece of moulded thin veneer. It is delivered assembled, ready for use.

Through play, the child learns to look after the dolls, make them feel safe and make them go to sleep. This is an imitation of 'grown-up' behaviour, which is so essential for a child's upbringing.

  • Made from solid wood, finished in natural dye colours.
  • Suitable for ages 10months+
  • Easy assembly
  • Size: 42cm(L) x 44cm(H) x 25cm(W)

This doll's pram is not intended for learning how to walk.