Moonbi Skirt

Roasted Fox


Product Description

Corduroy is so this season. You're a growing girl so you'll appreciate the longer cut. And that cotton overlay is so on trend it's cutting edge. Match this with the right leggings and jumper for that complete look - or go with socks and a tee if you’re feeling chill. But regardless - embroidered logo.

Because you’re fancy...


  • Mauve skirt with Floral overlay.
  • Pink waistband and trim.
  • Super soft waistband for pure comfort.
  • Waistband folds up for extra warmth when needed.
  • Real side pocket.
  • Longer cut for practical modesty.
  • Foxtail motif.


  • Pin Corduroy skirt.
  • 100% Cotton overlay.
  • 100% Bamboo waistband.


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