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Is biggest best? You be the judge.

With as many as 263 parts this set is exactly what the budding craftsman and engineer needs to construct really challenging models. This set also contains bearings and crank wheels to build moving machines, for example a real crane or a windmill.

The images show you a few possibilities of what can be designed. Needless to say, all the models from the smaller Ki0 to Ki3 can be built as well.

The many blocks, wheels and pins will inspire your child to copy the illustrated models in the building instructions. Apart from the suggested examples, every child will also create their own models to tell their personal stories.

This set is a great way of promoting your child's motor skills and intellectual development.

If the set becomes to limited for your child's plans and ideas, you can always add another set. All Ki sets use the same concept of wooden blocks and pins and can be used with each other.

This set contains 263 parts including building instructions, hammer, pliers and wedge.