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Matador M100 (Ki1)

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With the 70 parts of the Maker M100, our children build their own stories and while things take shape they develop their skills in a playful way. Many model ideas such as deer, sidecar motorcycle or locomotive encourage even more building fun.

The Maker wooden building sets from Matador promote the motor and intellectual development of our toddlers from 3 years. With the help of our own Matador hammer, blocks and chopsticks are put together, so that small children can easily develop manual skills.

The buildings can always be dismantled with the special Matador pliers and assembled into a new structure. The wooden blocks with the dimensions 4x4 cm are adapted to the hand size of the small children.

  • Specially designed for toddlers
  • 70 parts incl. Tool and building template
  • promote motor and mental development
  • without toxic paints or other harmful substances
  • 100% natural product
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Our kids love this still and are 8. and 10  definitely far more than a few years in this one, not like duplo!