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Matador - Classic 3 - Construction Set 407 pieces

Matador - Classic 3 - Construction Set 407 pieces

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Building models from different parts teaches your child how to plan and how to picture the outcome in three dimensions.

Complex models require patience, concentration and persistence. More often than not the final result is not what had been planned at the start. The young engineer needs to correct, dismantle some parts, or start all over again. Larger models will take days to build and this is a great way to learn discipline and even on how to overcome frustration.

The outcome will always bring a great sense of satisfaction and pride.

If the set becomes too limited for your child's plans and ideas, you can always add another set. All Classic sets use the same concept of wooden blocks and pins and can be used with each other.

These sets are tailored for children of 5 years and older, although we at Hugs recommend closer to 8 years old.  The Ki range is perfect for the younger kids and our 10 year old still prefers them.  The Classic use the smaller 2 x 2 cm blocks, allowing for very complex models and machines.

Note that these sets contain very small parts and therefore are NOT suitable for children under the age of 3!

This set contains 400+ parts including building instructions, hammer, pusher and puller.

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