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Searching for the perfect gift? You've found it!

Delight Decor specialises in lighting up your life with a range of LED nightlights and mobiles that are safe and spectacular.

Made from thick acrylic, the range is safe for your child as they will never shatter or smash (as tested to CE and Australian standards) and by using LED's, there is no heat emitted thereby eliminating fire-dangers. LED's are also extremely gentle on young eyes.

Soothing at sleep time yet gently stimulating for play time, this colour change led nightlight is a must have item for kids. Gently lighting an entire room, the nightlight is powered by a transformer so there is no need for changing or recharging batteries. Slowly phasing through a range of colours, this is the perfect gift to keep the dark at bay with a new night-time friend.

This state-of-the-art light comes with a remote that controls multiple function settings including the ability to dim or brighten the light, cycle through a range of colours or set your choice of static colour and also has a sleep setting to dim the light and automatically turn off after one hour. 


Height190mm (approx.)

Colour cycle: ÂFull spectrum.

Power Requirements: 240v Transformer (supplied).

Lit by power efficient LEDs. Output varies from 0.1w to 0.5w and is dependent on the colour and brightness. Maximum output is for white at full brightness (0.5w) and minimum is for static colour on lowest brightness (0.1w).