Kinetic Sand


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Product Description:

Children love playing with sand. But sand is messy, sticky and usually only able to be enjoyed outdoors on sunny days.

Not any more. Now with Kinetic Sand your kids can bring their sand inside, to shape and create to their hearts desire.

And it's all mess-free!

Children love digging into this sand and stay engaged; learning to build, mold and create in open-ended, non-directed play while developing their fine-motor skills. Never leaving any residue, Kinetic Sand is totally reusable and it never (ever) dries out, removing the need to be stored in airtight containers. As well as non-toxic, Kinetic Sand is also anti-microbial, wheat, gluten and casein free, and adheres to Australian safety standards.

Available with Kinetic Sand is a set of molding tools specifically designed to amplify the crisp sculptural details this super sand can produce.

Build it, form it, smooth it, slice it, mold it, break it and recreate it!


Bring the sandpit inside and be the BEST PARENT EVER!

For children aged 3 and up, and packaged in a 1KG box, Kinetic Sand is fun, indoor, mess-free sand.

  • 98% sand, 2% magic
  • Special properties make it soft and stretchy
  • Won't make a mess, sticks to itself but not to you
  • Never dries out
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Non-toxic