Kiddies Food Kutter

Kiddies Food Kutter

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Product Details

The Kiddies Food Kutter is designed for young children to cut their food at the dinner table safely.

Now children of all ages can learn adult table manners the safe and easy way! An excellent training tool, now Mum and Dad won't have to cut the kid's food at each meal. Just think! One less job for Mum and Dad at the dinner table!

  • Very safe design with rounded teeth and no sharp edges
  • Stainless steel non-toxic blade prevents corrosion
  • Teaches kids to use a sawing action to cut their food
  • Promotes independence and self reliance
  • Perfect on the dinner plate to cut meat and vegies
  • Easy to use, but adult supervision is required
  • Plastic handle is specially designed to fit small, child-sized hands
  • Will cut everything a normal knife will cut, except children!
  • Useful for preparing raw vegetables in the kitchen
  • Interactive with Parents and Grandparents
  • Teaches hand eye co-ordination skills
  • Available in red, blue or yellow
  • Packaging suitable for a gift
  • Dishwasher safe