Inside Out Umbrella


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This is GENIUS!

This new take on the traditional brolly has THREE distinct improvements.

You stay dry the whole time! By opening and closing in reverse, the wet side of the umbrella stays on the inside away from you. And because of the reverse action you can open or close it when you're already in the house or car thereby keeping you undercover at all times.



You can use it NO-HANDED! Yes, while the new handle design allows you to still hold the umbrella in the usual way, it also allows you to hook it securely onto your forearm freeing up both hands for carrying things, looking through your bag, holding onto the kids etc.



Oh, and it also solves the problem of poking passers-by in the head with the spokes because it opens from the top rather than the bottom. So that's a win for society.

This genius evolution of the brolly comes in 8 beautiful designs for children (19 inches) and 2 for adults (23 inches Hearts or Pink Floral).